Sample Overload!

by Joyce in

The other day, I decided I just had to do a little purge of my sample stash. Is it just me, or does a good sample or promo code entice you to buy something you don't need off of your never ending wishlist? 

I've definitely gotten better over the years, but I can't seem to keep up with all the samples. I do regularly clear out samples and give them away, but I realized that I needed to do it more. Really, at what point am I going to finish all that full size skincare and desperately need to rifle through some samples? Sure, I'm going to use some here and there, but wouldn't I be better off finding someone who will actually USE up these samples? 

So, I dug around and decided to ditch all of this stuff. Yay. 


After a bit of a chat with Gummy, who is the queen of purging, and Julie applauding me on my efforts, I thought I would share some tips that help me edit my collection, sample or full size! 

Start with Color
So many samples seem to come in only one shade, and we all know that they don't work for everyone. Don't let those samples in the wrong shade sit around the house forever! Do a bit of Googling to see if the shade might work, and if not, add it to the toss pile! Easy peasy, and now you're well on your way! 

Test Scents & Textures
It is a bit more difficult to determine if you like a product's scent or texture, but for the most part I can tell from swatching or at least one use if I like how a product smells or feels. Listen to your instincts and dump the stuff that has too much scent or doesn't have the texture you're looking for. 

Study The Ingredients
Next, I'll take a look at the ingredients. Perhaps it makes more sense to do this first, especially if you have ingredient concerns, but I'm weird and never think of this first! 

Consider Expiration Dates
It pains me to think of how much money I've spent on a product (or how much I've spent to get a sample!), so when I remind myself that these things won't last forever, I'm always encouraged to find them new homes. Think of what you're currently using in your routine, when you'll be done with that, and how likely you are to pick up that sample next. When I realize it may not be a year or two before I finally decide to use that sample size mascara, I definitely reconsider keeping it!

Oh, and in case you're wondering, those samples in pots that you can have made at counters definitely dry out... Who knew! (Kidding!)

Be a Friend! 
And last but not least, if I can't seem to let go, I think of my friends. My best friend might like this lipstick way more than I do, or my coworker could really use every last drop of all those moisturizer samples before they need to spend on high end skincare... You get the idea. I always manage to get rid of more if I'm trying to put together goodies for someone else! 

I hate to admit that all those samples I'm getting rid of hardly make a dent in my sample collection... But hey, you have to start somewhere, right? I hope these tips are helpful for you, and I'd love to know how you edit and purge your stash! :)