Sweeten Your Skin with Lush Brazened Honey

A few months back, I was totally loving Lush's Catastrophe Cosmetic (review), and when I finished that mask, I knew I had to try another. It was hard to choose, but I thought Brazened Honey would be a great choice to try! 

lush brazened honey fresh face mask review

For fans of Lush, this mask has a honey-floral scent that is vaguely reminiscent of one of their other products. I can't recall which - perhaps the Fair Trade Honey Shampoo? The mask's texture is a bit crumbly, and as it dries down, it definitely hardens like a conventional clay mask. 

Though it is meant for oily and congested skin, this seems to really cleanse the skin in a gentle way. My skin is normal, though perhaps very slightly dehydrated, and I did not feel dry or stripped at all from using this. As you rinse off the mask, it really helps to exfoliate too! 

I am getting pretty close to having another 5 Lush pots to trade in for a mask, and I think I will try Oatifix next! What do you think of Lush's Fresh Face Masks? Do you have a favorite that I should try? I'd love to know!