Everyday Staple: Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask

A few weeks ago, I got a lot of mask samples on a shopping trip. I was hoping to pick just one, but I've realized there are too many categories of masks to stick to just one kind! (Eeek! This could be painful for my wallet!) In any event, I had heard so much about this mask and found it useful enough to go and purchase it before I even used up my sample. But hey, I was at Sephora making an exchange anyway... (That is the start of all bad spending habits, right??)

origins clear improvement charcoal mask review

I purchased the full size, which is $23 for 3.4 oz. Sephora and other retailers also carry a 1,7 oz travel size for $16, which I should have probably purchased, but my Sephora was out of stock. In the realm of masks that are currently taunting me (hi Koh Gen Doh and Chantecaille!), this one is quite inexpensive in comparison.

This mask is definitely what I expected of a clay mask - it hardens quickly, and does clear out my pores quite well. What I was really surprised to find was that it improved the look of one of my not so cute pimples after I removed the mask! Look at the gray clay-iness of it! (Yes, I just said clay-iness, lol!)

origins clear improvement charcoal mask  swatch

So, once I discovered this, I proceeded to use this as an overnight spot treatment on some recent breakouts. I don't know what it was - perhaps a combination of hormones and bad face washing habits - but I broke out more in mid January than I have in the last few months combined. Ew.

In any event, I am going to keep using this as a spot treatment. For those painful breakouts, this really minimizes their size, and small little bumps nearly disappear with one use. Of course, everyone's skin is different, and perhaps even every breakout reacts differently to products, but I'd say this is definitely worth a try, both as a mask and spot treatment!

I do need to mention that this is a drying mask, at least in comparison to other masks I've tried recently. For me, it is nothing a good moisturizer or hydrating mask can't fix, but I do want to caution those with very dry skin. For reference, my skin is normal but leans dry, particularly in the winter. The first time I used this all over my face, I didn't moisturize well and found myself feeling tight around my mouth/nose the next morning. While it probably didn't help that it was 3 degrees out that day, I did need to add moisturizer to feel my normal level of skin comfort.

Anyway, I am quite enjoying this Origins mask, and urge you to give it a try if you're looking for a typical clay mask or a new spot treatment. Have you tried this or any other mask from Origins? What have been your go to masks lately?? :)