♥ Diptyque Eau Rose ♥

Early on in the month, I stopped by a diptyque counter in a moment of desperation. I had avoided diptyque mostly because of the price, and I hadn't yet sniffed a scent that I felt absolutely desperate to have. But I was VERY curious, as so many blogs have been raving about the brand lately. When I walked up to the counter, I encountered the new Rose Duet candle which I am desperate to purchase. I also sniffed Eau Rose, and fell in love. I got a sample, and wore it every day for nearly 2 weeks, until I finally HAD to purchase this perfume.

diptyque eau rose rollerball review

I'm terrible at describing scents, so I'll let diptyque's description from their website speak for itself:

Eau Rose, a totally new fragrance that pays tribute to the queen of flowers, the rose. Forever immortalized by Ronsard’s famous poem “Mignonne, allons voir si la rose...”, it was only a matter of time before diptyque decided to showcase the rose. To get off the beaten track and create something different, the Eau Rose has been conceived to stand out as a genuine infusion of roses. Its olfactory composition is designed to celebrate the multiple aromas of the flower in its natural state, as it blossoms over time. It’s like taking an olfactory stroll,which you savor from morning to night, by wearing a rose that changes as the hours go by and melts into the scent of the person wearing it.

And really, I have to agree. This is the closest scent to a rose, without the "green" aspects,  that I've ever experienced. It is delicate, and elegant, and I'm in love! It really is just intoxicating.

diptyque ea rose rollerball review

For those of you who listen to my endless obsessions over what I'm planning to buy, you may remember when I debated the merits of a perfume spray versus a rollerball. As you can see, I purchased the rollerball purely because I wanted to save money.

I am happy to report that the packaging of the rollerball is just as luxe as the full size. I love that the gorgeous roses are on this generously sized rollerball too. I feared that rollerballs wouldn't impart the scent in the same way, but I love this just as much (perhaps more, as I can carry this with me if needed?) The only thing I found a bit strange was how the rollerball isn't completely full... but it seems that every perfume sample I've gotten from them is like this as well. (Have any of you experienced this before? Is this normal for the brand's fragrances?)

Anyways, now I'm hooked. Today I got a sample of Oyedo, a divine citrus blend that smells like oranges and candy. I'm still anxious to purchase the limited edition Rose Duet candle, and I'm kicking myself for not remembering to sniff the other citrus scents in their collection.

What do you think of Eau Rose? Do you like/dislike rollerballs? What are your favorites from diptyque? I'd love to know! :)