Week in Review, 8/26

This week, my brother came to visit me in California. He's 15, (we have a 10 year gap!), and we've always been close, so my one regret when I've been away from home for work was leaving him alone with our parents for the ENTIRE summer. I finally managed to convince him to visit, so we've been taking him on a variety of adventures in San Francisco and the Bay area. Favorite of the Week: Haven't worn much makeup in the last week, but definitely enjoyed tightlining last weekend and playing with my MUFE 12 Color Flash Palette. Is it just me or is tightlining kind of hard? Also, do you sometimes not use your expensive products for a while?? (Case in point with the MUFE flash palette - but review coming soon after more experimentation!) Just Applied: Julep Nail Polish in Robin! Now I wish I had some glitter polish for accents... Gonna have to scrounge in my bag to make sure I don't have any with me! Purchased This Week/Limited Buy Status: Shockingly, I haven't bought anything this week! Last Saturday's shopping trip turned into a bit of a clothing spree, so no makeup for me! But that also means so far so good for August on my limited buy!

Today we'll probably explore Santa Cruz in the afternoon. There are also plans to have a massive candy spree at a local candy & soda shop...

What have you been up to this weekend? What were your favorite products or things that you purchased? Did you just apply any products? Please share! :)