Happy March!

Hi guys! Hope you had a good week... Mine felt quite busy! In case you missed it, this week I talked about my February hauls, showed you one of my favorite bronzers, and tried to figure out new organization for my alarmingly large lip product collection. (Alarming only to me, my family, and my boyfriend I think. LOL)

Here's what's on my mind - how about you?

Favorite of the Week: Nars Tinted Moisturizer!!

Just Removed: nothing...

Just Applied: I did put on makeup for some events today...! I'm enjoying the look, other than my itchy eyes (I think my mascara must be expired!)

Hauled: Nothing! Decided to save money for gifts & essentials for my boyfriend, though I am sorely tempted by the end of the Neiman Marcus beauty event...

Plotting Purchases: La Mer Lip Balm for sure, with my Saks gift card!

Ha√e a great weekend!