Lipstick Diaries

I have never been a lip product addict. Eyeshadows and eyeliners yes, but lipsticks and gloss have always been on the bottom of the list. But somehow, in the middle of all of this, I've managed to collect 15 lipsticks and numerous glosses. On my beauty inventory spreadsheet, the lip products are #81-143. My first reaction is YIKES though upon closer inspection many of these are from gifts with purchase and combination sets. (PHEW)

And of course, since I didn't specifically purchase many of these, I always forget what I have or even what shades they really are. (Please, if you have any ideas for remembering, let me know! I'm going to try swatches on paper at some point...) I decided that some reorganization was in order to keep my products in view so I would use them more often.

sample tray

I laid out my small samples, hoping that I could make a dent in some of these. I placed lipsticks in a organizer on my vanity, hoping that their presence would be a constant reminder to put some color on my lips. This week, I'm showing you my attempt at organization, but every week will be another installment on my lipstick adventures. I hope you'll hold me to it! :)

Lip before/after

Look at how organized this drawer is now! And look, now I can actually see some things in my Nars product drawer! What do you think??

nars drawer