Physician's Formula Happy Booster Set

I spotted a great deal on Physician's Formula's heart themed products at Walmart the other day while buying Lysol wipes (LOL)


I was able to pick up the Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Bronzer and I <3 Rose lipstick for $10!

I have always been interested in these products (hearts get me every time!) but never wanted to shell out the cash to actually try them. The bronzers are usually between $11-$14 here, and I'd much rather put the money towards high end makeup than drugstore!

They had the new bronzer variations as well as a few shades of this one. Anyway, here are some closeups :)

bronzer & lipstick

I wasn't a fan of the enclosed brush for the bronzer... it's cute, but didn't blend well and actually made a line in the hollow of my cheek on one side- no idea how that happened! The compact is quite large, so it would be nice to make it smaller without the brush. The shade is quite nice on with a regular brush, however. I'm also happy that it's also natural on my face and no blatant shimmers which is a problem I have with many drugstore cheek options.

The lipstick had a bit of a scent, but is a cute carnation pink color. Come to think of it, the bronzer had a scent as well, but I didn't mind that. (I hated the scent of the Bamboo Wear products!) Physician's Formula describes the scent as violet, but I'm not sure if that's really what it is... I could see how the lipstick scent could bother those who are sensitive, so that's something to think about!


Here's a quick shot of me with the products on, and no other makeup. Also my cheeks are kind of pink/splotchy and my hair is kind of yucky. My camera seems to have highlighted that but it was definitely more rosy/bronzy in real life. 

In any event, I think it's a great addition to any Valentine's gift package for a sister or best friend! :)