Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge - Currently Available

I think many of you may be aware but some Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge shades that are not typically available are currently available at Nordstrom: Chocolate Cherry & Milk Chocolate. I'm not sure why Pot Rouges have limited availability or why shades are always discontinued. Bobbi Brown's website doesn't seem to have it at all, and the few department store websites seemed to be out of stock. Nordstrom and Sephora still had Pale Pink available as well.

I discovered pot rouges after watching a Lisa Eldridge video, and find them to be very natural, matte options for cream blush. I have Powder Pink, and while the shade isn't what i imagine powder pink to be, I absolutely love it! I also have a sample of Summer Tan, which is gorgeous as well.

Because my lips are dry, they are not successful for me as lip color, but I really intended to use it as a cream blush anyway.

If you wanted to try a Pot Rouge, I suggest you do it ASAP! I love mine and suspect they may be discontinued soon! :(