The October Sampler

A little while ago, Gummy came up with the brilliant idea to spend a month trying to use up samples. You never really notice, but the amount of free samples (or gift with purchases or whatever) just keep piling up! 

So we devised the October Sampler, a month where we try to use up as many samples as possible. I'm also horrified to report that almost every single sample I show you in the photos below has been collected since August 4th. Seriously, where do all these things come from??? I thought I was doing a good job giving samples away too!

In the interest of being organized, and being able to provide brief summaries of each product I try later this month, I've split the samples into 5 categories. I'm horrified. LOL.  

1. Hair & Shower 


2. Cleansers, Exfoliators, & Masks 


3. Skincare Deluxe Samples 


4. Miscellaneous


5. Complexion Perfectors 


Now I'm a bit terrified to think of what my makeup collection looks like, as I know there are many many little minis of lip things, primers, mascaras and the like. I can't even bear to think of my quite full sample drawers at home... So I think the October Sampler will have to be a regular event!  

The Rules: 

  • Take a photo of all the samples at the beginning of the month, so everyone knows what you're trying to use up.
  • Finish as many samples as possible, but if a multiuse one doesn't work, we don't have to use that up. (I plan to give away those un-loved deluxe samples!) 
  • Keep all the finished (or partially used) samples for a post at the end of the month.  
  • At the end of the month, post a before and after to show what was used up! 

Would you like to join us? You don't have to have a blog to join in - you can share with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Do let us know in the comments below or on your preferred social media platform! And feel free to include your link below!  

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Instagram: Gummy @McGummerson , Bronzer Bunny @bronzerbunny #octobersampler
Facebook: Gummy @GummyVision
Gummy's Blog: Gummy Vision  

I'm excited, are you? If I could get through even half of these, I think I would be pleased.