Cold Weather Lip Balm: Osmia Luster

by Joyce in

A few weeks ago, Osmia Organics sent me their lovely Luster Lip Balm. I knew I wanted to try it after seeing Jessica's post (here) about this beet colored balm, and I am not disappointed.

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The air at work is quite good at drying out just about everything - my first day back, my hydrated skin and lips were dehydrated and uncomfortable by lunch. When I wear Osmia Luster, my lips feel good all day. For maximum hydration, I do have to reapply throughout the day to make it through the horrible dry air situation, but even if I apply this just once, my lips feel ok enough to get through the day. (Does something exist for dry-lipped people that doesn't require reapplying?)

I am also a fan of the sheer red tint it brings to my lips. Even though in the tube it looks deeply purple like beets, (which is an ingredient in this lip balm!), on my lips it becomes a nice warm red tint. Funnily enough, this lip balm smells a bit earthy like beets too! 

While I'm still not sure where this ranks with my favorite lip balms, (surely in my top 5!) I'm definitely a big fan of Osmia Organics Luster and am so glad to be able to try it! What do you think? Will you be grabbing one for yourself? :)

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