Blush & Contour with Nars Matte Multiple in Altai

A few weeks ago, I ordered one of the newly released Nars Matte Multiples. As you probably know, I love cream products but have fallen out of love with Nars Multiples over the years because of the shimmer.


I picked up the shade Altai, which is described by Sephora as a "rose gold" and thought perhaps it could be appropriate for contour as well.


Overall, I enjoy this product. It is not as creamy and blendable as the original Multiple formula, but I wouldn't say that it is hard to blend either. I just have to take a second and make sure I've properly blended it in.

On me, the shade creates the right amount of shadow under my cheekbone and brings a nice warmth to the rest of my face. I can't imagine it would do the same for those who are extremely pale, though Jessica over at Beautezine does manage to pull it off. 

I have no complaints about wear either - it seems to last all day on me. I am a bit disappointed that Nars made these much smaller quantity wise than the original, but that doesn't bother me much either. I don't think I would purchase another shade since I have a healthy stash of cream blushes at the moment, but I'm definitely keeping my eye out for any future shades that are unique.  

What do you think about the Nars Matte Multiple? Have you tried them yet? :)