February Favorites ♡

I originally planned to make a video about my February favorites, but it just hasn't worked out for me! Something about winter has made me totally incapable of getting things done, not to mention the lighting and setup issues... 

Anyway, on to my favorite products so far this year! 

Goldfaden MD Hands to Heart
I'm a girl that needs hand cream year round, and I've seriously fallen for Hands to Heart. It seriously is so good - it has a light citrus fragrance, doesn't feel greasy, and moisturizes well. I've had many coworkers (including guys!) enjoy this hand cream. Check out my original review here.

African Botanics Pure Marula Oil
Have I talked about this enough? Probably. I love this oil - so hydrating, and absorbs in so nicely. More on this in the review, if you haven't already heard enough about it! ;)

Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Mask
Hydration masks are necessary for winter, and I'm enjoying this relatively affordable option. I've talked about this mask before as well, so for more information, do check out my original review here

Coconut Oil
I really wish my aversion to coconuts in general hadn't prevented me from trying coconut oil. Seriously, it is so good for hydrating and soothing the body. Mr. Bunny is a huge fan, and I've been mixing this in with other skincare or using this on my body after baths. Pretty hydrating, and for whatever reason the scent makes me think of popcorn! 

Burberry Eyeshadow in Dark Sable
I seriously love Burberry eyeshadow and I never seem to rememeber to use them. Dark Sable is the perfect eyeliner shade and such a nice shade to naturally smoke out any look. And seriously, I spotted this on myself in one of my own videos and loved how it looked. I'm such a loser, ha! 

Bite Beauty Custom Lipstick
Early on in February, I visited the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in NYC and created my own custom lipstick! Check out that post here. I've seriously been loving the color and the formula - it is so pretty and creamy and feels great on the lips.

Balenciaga Rosabotanica
I'm picky about fragrances but something about Rosabotanica is the perfect blend of fresh rose and spiciness. I am seriously loving this scent and think I'll be needing a full size once I finish up this cute little deluxe sample! 

What products have been your favorites so far this year? Is the winter tiring you out too, or are you lucky to live somewhere warm right now? I'd love to know!