May Recap

by Joyce in

May really just flew by, and we are finally having some sort of spring. Sort of. (I'll take it!) 

Products I Loved: 
This month has just been super light when it comes to product usage overall. I can't say I even wore a whole week's worth of makeup! I haven't even tried all of the stuff I got last month. In any event, I've been loving the Pai Rosehip Regenerating Oil and the Louise Young LY39 Eyeshadow Brush. Can't wait to try more by both brands! 

Beauty Purchases: 
I've really been considering my shopping habits and kept it pretty minimal this month. I repurchased Elemental Herbology Detox Bath Oil and got a By Terry Baume de Rose mini, got some goodies from Gummy's blog sale, and picked up a few things from the drugstore. Oh, and I got a bubble bar from Lush. Not too bad, thank goodness! 

Added to the Wishlist:
As usual, my wishlist is growing. I'm particularly intrigued by the new eyeshadows coming out soon from Burberry, I still have my eye on recent releases from Armani, and I desperately want some Hakuhodo. In the shoe world, I'm dying over these studded Burberry wellies and this awesome sandal from Zara. Oh, and can someone get me some Lululemon for my birthday? ;) 

Last but not least, I thought I would share this month's little skating practice video, even with a bit filmed in slow motion!  

What have you been up to this month?? Did you love or hate anything? Go on a shopping spree? I'd love to know!