Travel Light with Lush Solid Perfumes!

I love the idea of solid perfumes (easy to travel with and apply on the go) so I was quite excited to try a few from Lush Cosmetics. 

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Breath of God, $9.95
Main notes:  Neroli, lemon, melon, jasmine, rose, vetivert, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber & musk
Of the three scents, this one is my favorite, and I think the neroli, lemon and fresh woods really contribute to that. Warm up a bit of this scent on the skin, and I love how fresh and almost nutty it is on me and Mr. Bunny. :) It is fresh and spicy all at once! So good!

1000 Kisses, $13.95
Main Notes: Mandarin, osmanthus, labdanum, myrrh and musk
1000 Kisses is probably the most feminine of the trio, and I like how it is fruity, powdery, and spicy all at once. Words fail me to describe this scent, but I think it is really interesting and different. It isn't a "me" scent, but I think it could be a good one on someone else! 

The Smell of Weather Turning, $15.95
Main Notes: Oakwood, hay, beeswax, nettle, English peppermint, mint and Roman chamomile
I definitely think this scent smells just like the notes in it - I love the mint, and while my nose is so not good at discerning scents, I think this is such a great combination to create a warm musky but minty fresh scent. I love this one on Mr. Bunny and don't mind it on me! Actually, I think this one would make a perfect invigorating massage bar!  

In terms of the packaging, I just have to note that the top twists off and the product isn't a twist up tube but rather more like a push pop! I was a bit confused at first, but I just have to keep reminding myself to twist the cap and not push out too much!

All in all,  I think these Lush perfumes are totally worth checking out even if I am picky about perfume on me,. A number of the solid perfumes (and many of their products in general!) are vegan, and they are overall full of natural ingredients. Plus, they are super affordable, so you can't beat that! 

What do you think about these Lush solid perfumes? Have you tried any?? What are your favorite solid perfumes?