♥ Chanel Rouge Double Intensite ♥

One of my favorite discoveries of 2013 was Chanel Rouge Double Intensite, a long lasting, non-drying liquid lipstick formula that seems unbeatable. 

Swipe this on and add the gloss on top - this may sound a bit like the double ended long wearing lip formulas of old - but this is something better. Those old school lip stains and my dry peely lips definitely did not get along. This Chanel formula, however, is seriously brilliant. 

L-R: Light Rose, Sensual Rose

L-R: Light Rose, Sensual Rose

On me, this formula just lasts all day, and even protects my lips from environmental dryness. It doesn't make my lips any drier, and it DOES NOT BUDGE! I don't know about you, but one of my pet peeves with lipstick is that I hate hate hate seeing it on cups, utensils, etc - this fantastic lip product solves that problem for me, and I don't have to touch it up! They last forever too - 10+ hours on me - though fans of a perfectly pigmented lip look may want to touch up after a heavy meal or around 6-8 hours in.

There are two things I ought to mention though - when I slather on a ton of lip balm underneath, it is not quite as budgeproof, though still more transferproof than most things I own. Also, those who aim for perfect/clean lip lines may want to use a lip brush or lip liner. 

As you can tell, I'm a HUGE fan, and I'll definitely be on the lookout for new shades. What do you think - are Chanel Rouge Double Intensite a product you'll be looking at? What are your favorite long wearing lip products? I'd love to know!