Spirit Beauty Lounge Sampler

Ages ago, Taylor told me about the custom samples you could order from Spirit Beauty Lounge. For $25 including shipping to the US or internationally, you can pick from most of their selection of natural brands. Plus you get a $5 code towards a $40 full size purchase!

spirit beauty sample kit review

Last month, I finally filled a cart with some skincare, RMS, and Kjaer Weis samples! They arrive in a nice little drawstring pouch with neatly labeled sample pots, and it is definitely worthwhile to get my hands on these samples of products that are difficult to see in person. I thought I'd share what I think about them!

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in Joyful, $54 or $26 for refill
Joyful is described as a warm coral, and I have to say that this is just a lovely shade for my skintone. I think it would be quite pretty for summer, and the formula is quite creamy. 
Purchase? Maybe. A bit pricey to buy the compact version, so I'll consider it as I use up this sample! 

Pai Rosehip Bio Regenerate Oil, $35
This oil is way more affordable than I originally thought, and on my face it smells a bit like nuts to me. (Pistachios maybe?) It is meant to reduce pigmentation, sun damage or scarring, and also keep skin firm. It keeps my skin decently hydrated as well, and absorbs quickly! 
Purchase?: Yes, eventually. I'd love to give this a try long term to see if I can get any notable results. Time to use up some more skincare first though! 

Kjaer Weis Eyeshadow in Onyx, $44 or $22 for refill
This pretty black shimmery eyeshadow shade is in loose powder form for this sample, but seems to be a nice, softly textured powder eyeshadow. It seems to wear just fine on my eyelids, but I don't really have anything notable to say about it. Seems like just a nice eyeshadow! 
Purchase?: Not this shade, but maybe the shade Wisdom, which is more of a pretty light brown. Again, it is pricey to buy the packaging with it! 

May Lindstrom Skin The Clean Dirt, $60
I have read so many good reviews of this stuff since I made my sample order, and I have to say that I suspect all the reviews are right! It is sort of fun to mix this into water or cleanser, and it provides my skin with a really gentle exfoliation. It also smells like pie crust or graham cracker crumble, which I surprisingly love! 
Purchase?: YES! But going to try and hold off until I use up some skincare. 


RMS Beauty Living Luminizer, $38
This is a hit item from RMS, and I can see why. It provides your face with quite a nice bit of highlight, but I find the product scent to be a little bothersome for me. Similar to their Un-Cover Up, it just has a scent that I don't love. (Sort of natural balm product + coconut in scent.) The highlighter also has a bit of a metallic finish, in a good way though, and I've determined I prefer my Jouer highlighter for texture and finish. 
Purchase?: No. 

Strange Invisible Aquarian Roses Perfume, $195
I'm pretty picky with perfumes, so I'm not sure what possesed me to add this to my sample kit. Perhaps it was the thought of a rose + sandalwood perfume that was organic, vegan AND cruelty free. :) It smells clean and fresh with a hint of rose, and I have to say I am enjoying wearing it! It just smells better as the day goes on!
Purchase?: Someday. It is really nice and different, but I am ignoring very pricey perfumes for a while. Maybe in like 5 years haha!

RMS Beauty Cream Eyeshadow in Magnetic, $28
I love cream eyeshadow, and had always wanted to try this taupey, purpley toned eyeshadow. The color can be layered for more punch, and I think the shade is so pretty! Unfortunately, this eyeshadow just does not stay on my lids. I'm serious, I swear it creases in half an hour and is nearly gone in about 2 hours. SAD!
Purchase?: No. 

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in Rapture, $36
This is such a gorgeous brown toned red, and I absolutely love the creamy texture of this. It seriously is a lip and cheek product - it doesn't make my lips feel dry, and it blends in beautifully on my cheeks. Also, I don't have scent issues with this. Yay! 
Purchase?: Yes, but I am not sure if I would decide on another shade. 

RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer, $28
I love the creamy texture of this slightly shimmery bronzer. It brings a bit of glow to your skin, rather than shimmer, and while it is warm in tone, it is more brown than orange. It wears well on me, and is a great (warm) contour on my cheeks too. I can see why so many bloggers love it! 
Purchase?: Maybe, if I still feel the same way once I finish this little sample! 

All in all, I really enjoyed this sampler. A chance to try a lot of products on my wishlist without committing to a full size? I'm in! Plus, they last quite a few uses, which is quite perfect for me, especially when it comes to the makeup items which probably would take me a while to use up given my lack of makeup wearing. I'm also happy to determine a few items I don't need to buy. (Phew!) 

FYI, for Chicago area gals, Space 519 in the 900 shops on Michigan Avenue carries Strange Invisible, RMS Beauty and Kjaer Weis, among other lovely brands! :)

What do you think of my sample picks from Spirit Beauty Lounge? Do any of these products catch your eye? :)