My Week in Lip (Balms)

A month or two ago, everyone was talking about lipstick, and the lovely Gummy posted about her week in lip products. (See that post here!) I loved the post, and thought that I would like to do it too, until I realized that I really use very little over the course of a typical week. I may use a lipstick here and there, but "my week in lips" is really more like "my week in lip balms".

And seriously, I've tried for weeks (ever since she made her post in MID AUGUST!!) and all i've managed besides lip balms is maybe one lipstick here or there until it wears off. LOL! So finally, I decided I should just show you all of it anyway. Everybody likes lip balm right? 


The Luxury Must Haves
Hourglass N28 Lip Oil and La Mer The Lip Balm have been favorites, and really contribute to the overall look of my lips. When I do a good job using them regularly, my lips are more even toned and less wrinkly - my fiance even compliments me on them! 

The Pretty Tints 
The Jouer Tinted Lip Enhancer in Shiraz and Clinique Superbalm in Grapefruit live inside random jacket pockets. Perfect mini sizes to tote around for a bit of moisture, and I like to slick them on for a hint of gloss and color. I love the bit of berry tone in the Jouer, and the classic light pink tint of the Clinique. For a bit more color and hydration I use on Lancome Baume in Love in Urban Ballet, and the neon shade in the tube cheers me up too.  

The Everyday Balm 
Towards the end of summer, I received the Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm*, and have been using this little floral-honey scented pot. The moisturizing effect doesn't last as long as the La Mer or Hourglass for me, but it still works well. It does take a bit of warming up to get it to that proper balmy texture, and I haven't quite figured it out yet. (My fiance seems to be able to do this successfully with just his finger, while I can't seem to at all!) I'm most curious to try this under Lush Emotional Brilliance Lipsticks, as a kind associate once showed me how the lip balm could add moisture and soften the color. 

And I seem to have talked about most of these in a post about my favorite lip products. How predictable of me! :) What do you think of my week in lips? What lip products have you used this week? I'd love to know! 

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