Added to the Wishlist: Candles

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Over the weekend, I made a trip to Barney's because I was curious to see what the gift with purchase looked like for their event that starts tomorrow.  (Yes, I know, I don't need the gift or anything from Barney's, but a little bit of window shopping never hurts, right?) 

Whenever I stop by Barney's, I always take a peek around to see if there are any new brands that are typically not carried at other retailers. I was sniffing Diptyque Feu de Bois, and my eye landed on a unfamiliar-to-me brand, Astier de Villate. The Barney's in San Francisco has quite a selection and I'm quite enamored by the clean look and complex yet subtle scents.  Check out the pretty display below. I don't even know what scent I would pick if I could buy one - they all seemed so pretty! 

astier de villatte candles

Cire Trudon is another brand I gaze at whenever I see it in a store. I was pleased to find that my fiance likes their scents and thinks they could nearly be worth their $85+ price tag. Though in my opinion, how could you NOT love a candle brand that has been around for centuries and outfitted French kings and was a favorite of Marie Antoinette and Napoleon?  

Last but not least, I discovered that Noble Isle Willow Song also comes in candle form! I may be able to shell out the money for a candle, even though I love and despair over their $30 shower gel... Decisions, decisions. In any event, I sure can't be spending $250 on all these candles, even if I could get a stellar gift with purchase with it...   

What do you guys think about my new wishlist? Have you tried any of these candles? What are your favorites??