Bye Bye Fragrance Samples

by Joyce in

I am very picky about fragrances on myself, so I frequently give away my fragrance samples to friends or coworkers. This time around, I thought I'd do a post about the most recent picks that made it into the give away pile. 

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First up, I have the newly released Dior j'adore Voile de Parfum, which is described as a "silky veil of Tuscan Iris and white musk." While I like it more than the original j'adore, it doesn't smell like anything special and doesn't have that light freshness that I usually prefer. I didn't spray it on myself, as I knew I wouldn't like it on me. 

I was quite excited to try Elie Saab, as it is one of those floral and sweet type of scents that I normally like. It does start off that way, with the powdery floral that reminds me of Chloe but lands somewhere between Narciso Rodriguez for Her and Stella McCartney. For whatever reason though, this gets heavier on me, becoming an almost cloying spicy floral. I think it even gave me a headache. Sad. (And I so wish I wasn't so difficult when it came to fragrance!) I do want to try the Eau de Toilette next time I see it in stores, just in case!  

I was excited to sniff the bergamot, neroli and gardenia in Tocca Liliana, and while I thought the scent was nice, I just couldn't imagine liking it on me all day. Like the scent from Dior, I also didn't find it particularly unique, but then again, my nose isn't all that smart, haha! My fiance found it to be a "generic floral" and this being a few days ago, I honestly can't think of any other way to describe it. 

Lastly, I thought long and hard about the new Marc Jacobs Honey. I know it is popular right now, but yet again, it just isn't me. It doesn't even smell like honey, at least not like the honey you put in tea or on toast. Perhaps it is the vanilla notes that throw me off, but this honey is more artificial to my nose. I can't say how this one wears on me either, as I took it out one morning to try it and went ughhh. (Yes, my always nauseous morning feelings are never very conducive to trying out perfumes! Stupid mornings/stomach/fast metabolism, LOL)  

Of course, fragrance is a very personal thing, and I think just about everyone except me gets along with lots and lots of scents out there. Still, it is fun to try, and I've really broadened my range of wearable scents over the years. Now the real question is, who do I give these samples to??? :) 

What do you guys do with your perfume samples? Do you actually manage to try them all or even use them up? Or do you give many away like I do? I'd love to know!  

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