Added to the Wishlist: Diptyque

I've been seriously contemplating Diptyque's lineup over these last few weeks and added a few things to my neverending wishlist...

I'm super curious to sniff the new limited edition Mina Perhonen candles, but they seem to be an online only option at the moment. In collaboration with Japanese designer Akira Minagawa, these candles seem quite pretty (Oh how I love Diptyque's scent descriptions!) The woodsy Infini, delicate Ciel, and floral Joie all sound heavenly. Now the question is, which would I choose? 

The latest addition to Diptyque's scent selection is the floral Eau Moheli. I've sniffed this a few times now, and while it is pretty, I'm just not in love with it once it is on me. I'm also super curious to check out the Baies Room Spray, as I love anything that can scent a room and perhaps I can spritz it on linens too...  

I'm also adding L'Ombre dans L'eau, the Eau de Parfum version, to my wishlist, and playing around with samples of the bath & body options. (Did you know Diptyque makes TWO oils and TWO hand creams? I sure didn't!) 

Now it is definitely time for me to stalk the DIptyque boutique in San Francisco this weekend...! 

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