My Favorite Lip Products

This year, I've somehow become obsessive about lip products, so I thought I ought to share my favorites. Picking favorites for me is generally an impossible task, so this was definitely interesting...!

I've broken down my picks into categories: lip balms, moisturizing glosses, lipsticks, pigmented glosses, lip crayons, and a drugstore pick for a grand total of 13 awesome products that I love.

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I do have a need for moisturizing products, as my lips peel even in their natural state. A requirement of any lip product for me is comfortable wear, and at the very least maintaining whatever level of moisture my lips had.

While I was editing the video, I realized I've also forgotten all about Armani Lip Maestro! There are other products that I think might make it on the favorites list too, so perhaps I will have to make another video in a few months!

Watch the video to hear more about the products I like! Are any of these favorites of yours? Do share!