I was pretty excited when Lush sent me this adorable citrus perfume. (But really, when am I NOT excited when Lush sends me things, especially if they are citrus??) I was quite surprised by the tube packaging of the Gorilla Perfume, as I don't believe the perfumes in store come with this, but it is so fun that I had to share.

lush gorilla perfume packaging
Lush Sun Perfume review

Lush Sun is a delightful citrus concoction composed of orange, mimosa, and sandalwood. I was super intrigued by this combination, as I was recently pleased by the combination of Diptyque's Oyedo and Tam Dao. This one is a much simpler rendition - the purest essence of those notes. 

At first, Lush Sun just smells like orange, which I love, and within a few minutes a light sandalwood develops on my skin. The scent is quite light and not intrusive too, which is nice. I think it is a great idea for people who don't want a heavy fragrance or for those hot summers when you just can't wear any sent without feeling overwhelmed.

lush sun ingredients

While it doesn't last on me for more than a few hours, I kind of like that. Sometimes, I'm definitely in need of a scent that doesn't last all day - I'm strange, and sometimes just don't want to smell like anything! LOL. Here is a shot of the ingredients if you're interested. 

So there you have it - Lush Sun starts off pure orange, and develops into something a bit more complex. I quite like the scent, and it is very different than scents I've tried before. Have you tried any of Lush's perfumes? Do you have a favorite that I have to try? I'd love to know! :)

This product was provided for review. Lush Sun starts at $14.95 for .3 oz as shown above and can be purchased at LUSH Cosmetics (affiliate link).