New Haircut & Shopping Adventures

The other day, I started thinking about how I really wanted to make some YouTube videos on a regular basis. After the somewhat successful setup of my Koh Gen Do Moisture Foundation review, I was pretty encouraged to keep going. I'll be on camera every Wednesday for you, and possibly Sundays too, so I hope you'll subscribe to my channel and check back. :)  

I thought I'd start off the fun by sharing my shopping from this past week and also by showing you my new haircut! I was on the hunt for some dresses that I could dress up or down, as I currently have either super casual or more night/evening. I've also been looking for some ankle boots, but it seems like the perfect pair for me just doesn't exist right now…! (And since I'm on a no buy for makeup right now, I swear the beauty bits are purchased with a Sephora credit that I had been saving.)

Watch in YouTube to get all the details of the purchases and makeup that I'm wearing! And please let me know what you think or what you'd like to see next!