This Week & Burberry Sneak Peek!

Hope you all had a good week! I am going home this weekend, so the past few days have been really busy finishing up a project, going out with coworkers, and passing out REALLY early. (Please don't make fun of me. Haha. I've seriously been SO tired!) While it will be nice to go home and see my family and reunite with my beauty stash and all of that, it really is sort of bittersweet! My emotions have been some combination of anxious and sad all week, lol! I've had a great time in California the past 4 months, and I hope I will be back again soon!

Favorite of the Week: I've discovered that MAC Charcoal Brown eyeshadow actually makes a pretty natural cheek contour for me... I'm not sure why it took me until a month or two ago to think that this might be similar in color to the sculpting powder from Kevyn Aucoin, or why it took me even longer to try it after I had this thought! Lol.

burberry purchases

Limited Buy Status: Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen that I pre-saled some Burberry from Nordstrom... Actually I talked about it incessantly everywhere so I'm sure you know about it! ;) Anyway, here's a quick preview! As you can probably guess, the whole limited buy thing is kind of blown for this month!

The blog may be a bit quiet the next few days as I travel, unpack and get situated, BUT I hope to have my blog sale up before next weekend. Ideally, Wednesday, but we'll see how the week goes! :)

What have you been up to? Anyone have any big weekend plans OR blog sale tips?