Beauty & Finance

I started this blog out of concern for the many unused products I had collected, and I've found that I continue to want more and more!! I spend many hours in a week gathering products into shopping carts, researching, and debating what to buy. Thankfully, my boyfriend stops me from making most online purchases.

I am pretty terrible at following budgets, and today I wondered - HOW do you all do it? I tweeted the question today, and one of my followers reminded me of the put money in an envelope technique. (Yes, I have shopping issues. I have a very cute Rebecca Minkoff pouch labeled "allowance" that I purchased for this purpose last year!)

I also thought about making a separate checking account to save up for products, but that doesn't seem... Restrictive enough for me.

Most of the time, I purchase with no plan or strategy in mind - I just debate and extensively research products. I definitely need a strategy to relieve some of this stress! lol!

What do you do to plan for beauty purchases? Do you save up, and if so how do you stay diligent?