Waltz Jumps & 1 Foot Spins

by Joyce

I seem to only manage to practice once a week (ugh, need to work on that!) and for whatever reason I decided to wear my new winter coat on the ice during this public session last Saturday. (Side note: Canada Goose is amazing and the best $$$ I ever spent on a clothing item!)

I rarely work on jumps, as my lesson mostly focuses on MITF and my group class is generally more basic (but always a great opportunity to work on knee bend, staying square, etc). Here, I really tried to think about knee bend and jumping UP instead of across the ice. It doesn't really show. HA! (Perhaps if I didn't try it at the slowest possible speed I can make myself go?) 

I also worked on one foot spins, and did a few pretty decent ones. No scratching that pesky toe pick... Now if only I could do that every time, so I could focus on other body position things...!