2014 Recap

by Joyce

Happy New Year! While I've been avoiding recaps and favorites on the beauty side of BB, I thought it would be good to review my year in skating since starting up at the end of February.

What I am realizing now is that a) I should practice more and b) I should take more video during practices. LOL! 

April's practice video - I can barely watch this! 

May's practice video -  was happy to see an improvement from April!

August practice video - better again! Though I think the alternating 3's are worse now LOL! Around this time I could see my speed and knee bend improve, even if I didn't use those things in practicing these elements. :-P

Then here's my 1 foot spin from October... 

My November practice video - again I've improved with speed, knee bend, etc, though not on the elements on video here. 

And then the 1 foot spin just last weekend. And I'm finally not getting too much toe pick! Now to work on EVERYTHING else. 

I also made some skating resolutions early on in the year, a few of which I managed to complete.

Get back those missing inside 3 turns. And do all of the 3 turns FAST and not be scared.
I can do them, but I have discovered that FAST is relative and I'm always going faster. So... I'm still scared of them at times.
Stop feeling weird/scared/etc about stuff in my "bad direction"
For the most part, this is better, though I still could use a reminder to practice the sides I don't like!
Get a private coach and start thinking about testing 
Done! Had 10 lessons this year, have worked on elements from Pre-Bronze and Bronze MITF, and I think I want to test in 2015!
Consistently land 1-2 single jumps & learn 1-2 spins well
Haven't worked a whole lot on jumps or spins just based on the classes I've taken, but that's ok with me. Will work on this in 2015!

How was your year in skating? I'd love to know! :)

Waltz Jumps & 1 Foot Spins

by Joyce

I seem to only manage to practice once a week (ugh, need to work on that!) and for whatever reason I decided to wear my new winter coat on the ice during this public session last Saturday. (Side note: Canada Goose is amazing and the best $$$ I ever spent on a clothing item!)

I rarely work on jumps, as my lesson mostly focuses on MITF and my group class is generally more basic (but always a great opportunity to work on knee bend, staying square, etc). Here, I really tried to think about knee bend and jumping UP instead of across the ice. It doesn't really show. HA! (Perhaps if I didn't try it at the slowest possible speed I can make myself go?) 

I also worked on one foot spins, and did a few pretty decent ones. No scratching that pesky toe pick... Now if only I could do that every time, so I could focus on other body position things...! 

On the Ice!

by Joyce

My latest obsession these days is figure skating. Seriously. It is just as bad as my beauty obsession these days... 

I skated for about a year when I was 12, participated in a show, and always felt awkward about how old I was compared to everyone else. (The other 12 year olds were so good, and I was often the oldest in my classes by far!) 

This past spring, I finally decided to take up skating again. I'm seriously loving it, and while I find it hard to have enough time for practice, I've made decent progress since starting up in March. 

Stay tuned for a look at my skating adventures! :)