Wishlist | August

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I haven't been shopping or browsing much beauty lately (shocking!), but I'm still slowly adding things to my never ending list of beauty products to try... 

Charlotte Tilbury and Tom Ford. Need I say more? I kind of want everything, but Tom Ford's Orchid Haze has been on my list since it came out, and every Charlotte Tilbury kit that is available in the US right now is tempting... (I think when Tom Ford fall and Charlotte Tilbury hits Nordstrom, I will probably go crazy!)

I sort of missed the memo that J.Crew had expanded their beauty selection... and then a bunch of it went on sale! There's a few RMS Beauty items I'm considering, but I'm really eyeing the Bite Beauty for J.Crew. I've also really wanted to try Sachajuan Hair in the Sun, a UV primer of sorts that is a relatively new release for the brand. (P.S. J. Crew has an extra 25% off promo code until 8/25 that applies to these AND RMS Beauty.)

Once upon a time, I promised myself that I could splurge on some Shu Uemura hair products if I ever grew my hair out. Perhaps that time is now, since my hair is getting longer and I plan to keep it that way! I love a good makeup bag, and this Jonathan Cohen for Shu bag looks pretty sturdy and spacious. It appears to be only available by itself now, though it was previously been available with a set of products as well. I'm happy to see, that they still offer a number of pretty gift sets like this Moisture Velvet option that look great. (Plus, Shu has a selection of Customer Favorites on sale for 20% off!)  


Last but not least, there are some new(ish) products at Sephora that have caught my eye... Has anyone tried out this new Becca eyeshadow palette or the Lowlight Sculpting Perfector?  

The new Hourglass eyeliner has me this close to hitting checkout, especially after so many positive reviews. And this bright cream blush from Givenchy is really catching my eye!

Of course, there are a million things on my wishlist, but these are at the top. Have you tried any of these products or bought anything on your wishlist lately? I'd love to know! :)

Holiday Gifts from Space NK & Giveaway!

The holidays are fast approaching, and I think any beauty junkie knows just what that means... GIFT SETS! There are definitely some stellar ones out there this year, and after discovering quite a few on the Space NK site over the last few weeks, I thought I should share them with you. :) 

Oribe Purse Collection  (Affiliate Link)

Oribe Purse Collection (Affiliate Link)

The first that caught my eye was this cute little bag of goodies from Oribe. Four purse sprays of some of their cult favorites make for a great introduction to the brand or the perfect travel companion for an Oribe fan!

And you should have seen my face when I spotted this 'Marula Ritual' kit from African Botanics. You may have heard me go on about the wonders of their Intense Skin Repair Balm, which is included in the kit, and the other products sound quite good too!

Lastly, who can say no to mini Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks? I know I cant, and this little collection of popular shades has already come home with me. 

Now you may know that this month is bronzer bunny's 2 year anniversary, and I've decided to celebrate with some giveaways for all of you! One lucky US reader will be able to take home all kinds of goodies with the help of a $150 gift card courtesy of Space NK! (International friends, don't worry - there's more to come and something for you too!) 

Do enter the giveaway below and tell me all about your holiday wishlist! :) 

LA Beauty Discoveries

This past weekend, we took a road trip to LA and I had the chance to explore some fun beauty shops. I spotted some fun new-to-me things, so I thought I'd share it with you!

First up, I got to meet up with my friend Marianna at Space NK. So exciting, as I haven't seen her since earlier this year and she had never been to Space NK! The SA's were busy, but we sniffed a lot of Diptyque, stared at skincare, and covered ourselves in shimmery eyeshadow shades from Laura Mercier, Nars, and By Terry. I definitely spotted a few things that made it onto my wishlist....

photo 1.JPG

While wandering around some cute shops, I discovered Apolis candles, an LA based store with a neat selection of clothing and accessories. But more importantly, I went to Scent Bar, a cute little boutique from the guys at Lucky Scent. (I'm dying. That place is amazing. I wish I lived in that store. See the next handful of photos for proof of concept, haha!) 

I should have taken more pictures of the store, but I was really occupied by taking pictures of scents I found interesting... I love how the store was styled by scent family, and there were just so many amazing things to sniff. 

Last but not least, I somehow wandered into the beauty section at Fred Segal, and seem to have only taken photos of fragrances that were interesting. More Histoires de Parfums catching my eye, and the fragrance blending kit that looks SO intriguing... 

And OMG, Memoire Liquide = bespoke perfumes. I can't even begin to think about this. (!!!!)

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Have you tried any of these brands or products? If so, how did you like them? 

Added to the Wishlist: Candles

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Over the weekend, I made a trip to Barney's because I was curious to see what the gift with purchase looked like for their event that starts tomorrow.  (Yes, I know, I don't need the gift or anything from Barney's, but a little bit of window shopping never hurts, right?) 

Whenever I stop by Barney's, I always take a peek around to see if there are any new brands that are typically not carried at other retailers. I was sniffing Diptyque Feu de Bois, and my eye landed on a unfamiliar-to-me brand, Astier de Villate. The Barney's in San Francisco has quite a selection and I'm quite enamored by the clean look and complex yet subtle scents.  Check out the pretty display below. I don't even know what scent I would pick if I could buy one - they all seemed so pretty! 

astier de villatte candles

Cire Trudon is another brand I gaze at whenever I see it in a store. I was pleased to find that my fiance likes their scents and thinks they could nearly be worth their $85+ price tag. Though in my opinion, how could you NOT love a candle brand that has been around for centuries and outfitted French kings and was a favorite of Marie Antoinette and Napoleon?  

Last but not least, I discovered that Noble Isle Willow Song also comes in candle form! I may be able to shell out the money for a candle, even though I love and despair over their $30 shower gel... Decisions, decisions. In any event, I sure can't be spending $250 on all these candles, even if I could get a stellar gift with purchase with it...   

What do you guys think about my new wishlist? Have you tried any of these candles? What are your favorites??