Waxalene: The All Purpose Wonder Balm

It was about a year ago when I first read about Waxalene on Genuine Glow, but I've wanted to try it ever since. I bought a jar a few months back, and then shortly after, Waxalene reached out to me to try out their new lip balm size!

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waxalene review, natural petroleum jelly alternative

Slathering Waxalene on my dry patches takes me back to the days when my mom would give me Vaseline for those troublesome chapped spots, but in a much nicer, green way. All 4 ingredients in Waxalene (yes, FOUR!) are Non-GMO, and the product itself contains no petroleum products and is not tested on animals. 

This stuff is a dream for a dry skinned gal like me. I'm appalled to say that due to poor moisturizing habits, parts of my legs still really haven't recovered from the horrible cold winter we had in Chicago. Every time I apply Waxalene to those awkward dry patches, my skin improves. Waxalene does say that this is good for eczema and psoriasis, but I haven't been able to test it out for that. I think it would be perfect for those chapped noses after a terrible cold season, or on dry/cracking skin - for sure a great petroleum jelly alternative! 

This works really well on my chapped lips, and seems to keep them from getting any more chapped, which is always a good thing for me. It is safe to say that Waxalene is among my top lip balm picks. (Gasp!) I'm thinking my cuticles could use a dose of this, and I may just take a closer look at the other suggested ways to use Waxalene! 

I didn't realize at first, but the lip balm size contains the exact same formula as the regular size tubs of Waxalene. The product itself is quite creamy, and reminds me of partially melted butter. (You know when you melt it, and then it starts to harden again? Or am I the only weird one who spends so much time with butter?) It is almost scent free, and isn't sticky to use. 

I purchased my tub of Waxalene at Spirit Beauty Lounge, but it is also available at Whole Foods and a few other retailers. The lip balm size comes in right around $4, and I've been toting it around with me everywhere all month. Even the largest size comes in at around $18, which to me makes Waxalene a great all purpose product to have around!

What do you think about Waxalene? Have you tried it, and if so, what do you use it for? I'd love to know!

Ingredients: organic soybean oil (non-GMO), beeswax, organic rosemary oil (non-GMO), and vitamin E oil (made from non-GMO soybeans)