Products That Didn't Work For Me, #7

I've always been a bit obsessed with trying new things, and inevitably that means some products don't end up working for me. For the most part, these disappointing products are good ones, but they're just not quite right for me. Check out my previous posts in this category here.

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Chanel Rouge Double Intensite in Pink Twist
This shade was in the Spring collection and did not arrive at counters with the rest of the collection. I ordered it sight unseen, and the color was just appalling on me. This pale peachy pink is full of glitter, and it just looked terrible on my dryness prone lips. Back to the store it goes!

Burberry Eye Definer in Midnight Black
Gummy gifted me this and I want to love it so badly. I love the liner's unique shape (it's rectangular!) and how precise a point it comes to. It is a very natural black, but unfortunately my Asian eyes are no match for it. It is smudgy & creasy on me, which is sad. However, if you don't have monolids/hooded eyes this may work very well for you. The precise point allows me to get a very fine line and I can get this liner very nicely in between my lashes - it may work great for you!

L'Oreal Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner in Carbon
I randomly bought this during a visit to Ulta, and while it goes on very smoothly and appears glossy and nice, I didn't love this in the end. I've been having a problem with migrating shimmers in some of my eye makeup, and the fine silver shimmers in this black liner just got on my lashes and all around my eye. The liner does crease some on me, but at it doesn't smudge! I think this is another liner that may be great for others too. 

Soap & Glory Hand Food
I picked up this hand cream on a whim to try something new and it is a decently moisturizing hand cream. It has a floral and sweet scent that I attribute to the marshmallow oil, but unfortunately I find the scent to stick around and bother me. I'm very particular about scents, and this one is just a bit too artificial for my liking. If you're on the hunt for a hand cream though, it wouldn't hurt to give this a try! 

In the end, I plan to take all of these products back and save my pennies for something else. Have you tried any of these products? How did they fare for you? Did any products disappoint you these last few weeks? I'd love to know!