Ode to Glass Nail Files

I’ve talked about glass nail files before, but I haven’t really talked about them. Seriously, if you’re using pretty much anything else on your nails, you’re doing yourself a disservice.

After converting to the things a few years ago after reading about these Mont Bleu Swarovski encrusted files on Makeup Withdrawal. I was excited when the company reached out to me a month or so ago and offered to send me files to try. 

*PR Sample

mont bleu glass nail file review

Look at them - aren’t they so pretty? But seriously, they're not just pretty, but they are super functional as well. I have little glass nail files stashed everywhere now - Sephora has some great travel size ones - but these are by far the prettiest in my stash. 

As a girl who breaks nails frequently and has a bad habit of ripping off the broken bits, nail files are a must. Without them, I just spend the rest of the day picking at my nail trying to smooth them out (ew). Standard nail files take quite a bit of effort and time to smooth out broken edges, but glass nail files can clear them up in just a few swipes! 

These glass files from Mont Bleu perform just as well as the others I own. They also come in a little pouch, which makes it convenient to toss into a purse or makeup bag. And what I love most about glass nail files is that they seem to last forever... or at least until I lose them or manage to somehow break them. I definitely plan to take care of these pretty ones!