March Empties

So I seem to be slowly trailing off on my empties, but I still managed to finish 3 full size products. Yay! 

I finally finished the bottle of Sponge Ladi Avokanto Oil that Gummy gifted me almost a year ago. (And I think she gifted it to me when it was only half full? Sheesh, I take my time.) One of the first oils I tried last year, I quite liked it in the beginning! This past winter though, I found it did not sink into my skin as well as African Botanics Marula Oil or Boscia Tsubaki Oil, and as a result left my skin feeling a bit parched. As I have other oils I want to try and ones to use up, I don't plan to repurchase this. 

I also liked the Sai Sei Mineral Bath Crystals (review), which were quite nice to use. I won't be repurchasing, as the jar is a bit pricey and I want to try other, less expensive options to see how different they are! And in terms of that big jar of coconut oil, I definitely plan to get another! 

On the sample front, there were a number of them that I liked. Most surprisingly, I loved the Korres Fig Showergel, a deluxe sample that I've had around for ages and ages. I also LOVE the scent of the Aesop Moroccan Neroli Aftershave. I'm contemplating picking up Bumble & Bumble Surf Shampoo and Jack Black Turbo Wash at some point in the future once as well. 

All in all, I still think this was an OK month for empties, don't you? What have you finished this month? Did you repurchase anything? I'd love to know! :)