Lush Lots of Love Valentine's Day Gift Set ♥

I'm always a fan of Lush's seasonal collections, and this gift set for Valentine's Day is jam packed with some great bath & shower goodies. Currently sold out online, I think this gift is a perfect way to gift some relaxation to those you love (including yourself, hehe!) 

Three of the products in this set are limited edition, and are marked with "LE" below. I think this is the perfect kit to get your hands on some Lush bestsellers, or even as an introduction to the line. However, picky noses beware - there is quite a bit of sweetness in most of these scents. 

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Lush Lots of Love Gift Review, Lush Valentine's Day Collection

Close to You Massage Bar (LE)
This smooshable massage bar is a sweetly scented confection that can be smushed and used in one all over massage. While you don't have to use it all at once, be warned that this little guy melts to heat pretty well. Lovers of Rock Star Soap and Creamy Candy Bubble Bar will recognize this vanilla candy like scent. Who can go wrong with a massage bar full of shea butter that smells like candy? 

Prince Charming (LE) 
This creamy shower gel smells like a fruity marshmallow! Not my typical scent, but I think the grapefruit oil and pomegranate juice really brighten the scent and make for a cheerful shower. If there were such a thing as a pomegranate Peep, I think this guy would be it! 

Neon Love Soap (LE)
Neon Love is a bright moisturizing soap shaped like a heart in this kit. (Outside of this kit, white hearts make this soap just as cute!) One of the more moisturizing Lush soaps I've tried, this one doesn't lather up a ton and smells quite nice. Vaguely reminiscent of Lush's popular Rose Jam scent, this soap has a hint of citrus thanks to bergamot and a little something from rosewood and spicy cinnamon oil. To me, it is a brighter, fresher version of the Rose Jam scent! 

Ro's Argan Body Conditioner
Long time readers may know my love for Ro's Argan. While the rosy sweet scent may not be for everyone, this body conditioner really works. Slather it on before you get out of the shower, and rinse it off (or not!), and your skin will be protected from most of the winter skin conditions out there. "Rose Jam" scent lives in the bubbleroon of the same name as well as a previously released limited edition shower gel and fragrance. Check out my original review of Ro's Argan here.

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Sex Bomb
I started my Lush adventures with bath bombs, and this too pretty to use option was one that I really fell in love with a few years back. This gorgeous bath bomb tints your bath with pinks and purples, while the luxurious scent is just so good. Filled with jasmine, ylang ylang, and sage, I never thought I'd like it until I first sniffed it and have always enjoyed it since. No wonder it is a Lush bestseller!

Chou Chou... I Love You Toothy Tabs
These little solid toothpaste tabs are seriously brilliant - preservative free and vegan, they really make my teeth feel clean unlike some of my other experiments with natural toothpastes. These toothy tabs are so compact and easy to use, and I was happily surprised at how fresh my mouth feels - just break up a tab in your mouth, wet your toothbrush and go! This particular flavor almost reminds me of Pez candy, and perhaps that is due to the lemon oil, but it is also mixed in with a bit of rose! Lush's website states that these toothy tabs will leave your breath smelling of Rose Jam, which sounded a bit scary to me, but overall I found there was very little aftertaste. Woohoo!

Rose Jam Bubbleroon
I've already talked about the Rose Jam scent enough today, so I won't bore you with the details. Twist apart this bubbleroon for use in two moisturizing baths - the key for maximum bubbles is to hold these guys under running water! Then it is time to soak in a rosy sweet bath full of bubbles... 

All in all, I think the Lush Lots of Love Gift is an amazing way to try a lot of Lush products all at once! It retails for $52.05 and may still be available in stores. Will you be picking it up for yourself or a loved one? I'd love to know! :)