Link Love ♡ April

Lately, I've really enjoyed reading people's "link love" posts, (especially Gummy's!) and this past month, there was so much stuff I loved that I just had to share! 

On the luxury makeup brush front, just about everyone posted about Hakuhodo. Dying. I especially loved Michelle's haul and favorites. I also enjoyed Nicci's Hakuhodo Starter Sets

I've also been obsessing over Sabrina's The Beauty Look Book Essentials series, which includes some lovely posts about brushes. After her post on spring candles, I've also realized I'm somewhat lacking in spring candle options and am dying to try a few of her picks. 

In the world of lip balm, I just about died over Rae's post on her Top 10 lip balms. The girl is an expert, that's for sure! 

Last but not least, I want to mention two sites I keep away from when I don't want to be sucked in for hours... The newly launched Violet Files is just full of gorgeous makeup and photography, and I've managed to fall behind on my What's In My Handbag addiction. 

What have you been reading and loving lately? I'd love to know!