Fuss Free Nail Polish Removal

by Joyce in

I don't know about you, but I have a tendency to avoid nail polish remover. So much of it is smelly (oh, the chemicals!) and the whole removal process is such a chore. I'm sure this is obvious to you, as I've frequently sported severely chipped nails here on BB. 

At some point, I landed on a now discontinued nail polish remover from the Sephora by OPI line that didn't smell horrible and worked quickly. Once the Sephora by OPI line was discontinued last summer, the search was on for more natural removers. 

 Priti NYC Nail Wipes, Rococo Nail Polish Remover Tissue

*PR Sample

Then came some sort of nail polish epiphany when I discovered Priti NYC Soy Nail Polish Remover Wipes. These individually wrapped wipes are lightly citrus scented and somehow also remind me of olive oil, but one wipe will definitely remove more than 10 fingers worth of polish. I haven't tested it out on glitter yet, and I do prefer to wash my hands after due to the oily texture, though the lemongrass oil is meant to help moisturize. (Which it does!) 

And when the Space NK Spring GWP landed on my doorstep, I received the Rococo Nail Polish Remover Tissues* and were equally as thrilled with them. These have a more conventional (though subtle) remover scent with a hint of floral, perhaps as a result of the rosehip oil. They work effectively and don't leave any residue behind. 

I'm quite pleased to have discovered these nail polish These are perfect to toss in my bag for an emergency chipped polish removal. (Seriously, I've been known to leave on chipped manicures many weeks past their expiration date.) I will never be without one of these nail polish wipes again!