Dove Creme Mousse Gentle Exfoliating & Deep Moisture Body Washes

Growing up, I remember using a ton of Dove's moisturizing body washes, so when I was contacted to try the new versions recently launched in April, I was excited to see what I thought of the brand now.

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dove creme mousse gentle exfoliating body wash review, dove creme mousse deep moisture body wash review

You may have noticed that I'm generally rely on Lush's shower gels. Occasionally I will use high end ones from gift with purchases, Neutrogena if my skin is acting up, or the occasional yummy smelling Softsoap variety, but these picks from Dove are among the most hydrating options out there. That is perfect for a dry-skinned girl like me! 

I'm loving both of these right now. The Deep Moisture one keeps my legs from feeling itchy even without moisturizer, and it also works fine as an alternative to shaving cream. (I am still attached to my Somersets Oil for shaving, however.) This one smells like your conventional Dove product, while the Gentle Exfoliating option smells a bit sweeter. It is a bit fruitier to my nose at first sniff, but it may actually be just a hint of vanilla. Whatever the scent is, I like it, and I love the small exfoliating grains in this creamy shower gel. I think it is the perfect all-in-one product for a streamlined routine, or it would be perfect if you don't like the large grains of conventional body scrubs. 

All in all, these body washes are totally working for me and I will make sure I have them in my shower again next winter. Have you tried these new Dove Creme Mousse Nourishing Body Washes? I'd love to know what you think of them! :)