Worth the Splurge? Tom Ford Ombre Eye Color in She Wolf

by Joyce in

At the end of August, I was just dying to get my hands on this eyeshadow trio from Tom Ford's fall collection. Everyone was posting gorgeous photos of She Wolf, and I knew that I'd regret it if this little LE trio sold out in a flash and I missed what promised to be a perfect everyday palette. 

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So I hit check out in a frenzy one night, and I've spent quite a while contemplating this little $60 trio of eyeshadows.  While I'm a fan of Tom Ford's lipsticks, pricey as they are, I just never was convinced by the even pricier eyeshadow quads. None of the quads made me desperate to have them (not for $75!) and every time I swatched them at the counter, they didn't seem particularly impressive. 

As you can imagine, this was quite the decision, but everyone said it was wonderful and so I couldn't bear not trying it. I was happily surprised by the formula, which seems to be smoother than the quads I had previously seen at the counter. The formula isn't as soft and creamy as the Burberry powder shadows are, and I find them to be difficult to swatch with fingers. Actually, the formula sort of reminds me of Kevyn Aucoin eye shadow, but don't quote me on that as I haven't spent nearly enough time playing with those just yet!

I'm terrible at swatching, but thought I'd share anyway and show you my favorite combination of shades too. I've used my fingers to lightly swatch the shades below, darkest to lightest. Swatch on far right is shade #2 layered over shade #1.  

 tom ford she wolf swatches

I love the darkest shade for lining my eyes or for creating the smokiness for a neutral night time look. It is the perfect everyday shade for accentuating my monolid area too. I think this could make a pretty good crease or contour shade - which makes me think I should do some experimenting!

The medium shade is a nice, slightly shimmery gray tone and may just have the best formula of the bunch. I particularly love this shade layered over the darker one, as shown at right in the swatches above. 

The glittery shade is my least favorite, though in the pan it is quite pretty. The shimmer/glitter is quite a bit stronger than i prefer these days, and I'm not even sure I know how to apply it correctly anymore. On my eyes, it mostly ends up as little glitters, rather than a highlight shade that I was hoping for. 

If it helps, check out this video I posted about a week ago where I apply She Wolf on camera. 

All in all, I think this is a nice and versatile neutral palette that you can wear day or night. Even the little included brush works ok in a pinch, and who can avoid the temptation of Tom Ford makeup? However, at this price, it is hard for me to urge you to get it even though I am very happy to have it - it isn't a miracle after all. If the price makes you cringe and you have very similar shades already that you love, I think you can skip this without losing sleep. If these are the kind of shades you've been looking for, then perhaps you NEED to put this in your shopping cart RIGHT NOW! (Haha!) 

What do you think of Tom Ford She Wolf? Did this end up in your shopping cart too?? I'd love to know! 

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