Quick & Easy Travel Bag Essentials

As you're reading this, I'm probably on the plane flying back to Chicago after nearly 6 months of staying in California for work. Since I had to pare down the ridiculous amount of products in my purse, I thought I'd show you what's staying in my purse today. Besides what I'm showing you here, I'll also have my blog notebook, a few pens, my wallet, headphones, iPhone & iPad mini. :)  


The Makeup Attempt
I had a few makeup bits rolling around in my bag, and I thought I'd hold on to them so I could attempt to look slightly more put together. I definitely could use Benefit Eye Bright & Watt's Up to perk up my tired eyes, and I'll top it off with Marc Jacobs Highliner in Ro(Cocoa). 

The Always in My Bag Must Haves
I kind of love my mini glass nail file from Sephora for those on the go nail emergencies, and I always have a hand cream (Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve) and a lip balm (Hourglass N28 Lip Oil). I also have a compact mirror and Boscia Peppermint blotting linens, which somehow happen to be items I very rarely use but think I desperately need.

The Add-Ons
When traveling into cold weather, my biggest concern is how horribly dry my skin may feel once I reach my destination. Ugh. So I added in a deluxe sample of moisturizer - Somme Institute Double Defense, which sounds promising. 

I can't help but mention that I have a horrible fear of feeling dirty while I travel, and if I'm traveling with my fiance as I am today, that fear morphs into a much more realistic one where food/drink/something random and sticky will end up on him, me, or our stuff. So i've packed some Dial antibacterial hand stuff I love the scent/feel of, and Wet Ones. Haha! 

I hope my picks are very pared down and practical, but who knows. Maybe I could've pared down more, but my suitcases are stuffed! What do you think of these picks? I'm super curious to know what you bring with you when you're flying!  

P.S. I'm alarmed to report that I am bringing home an entire suitcase of products and it must be only 50% of my collection. o.O Anyway take a peek at this week's posts while I'm in the air and let me know what you think! 

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