Tea for Your Bath? Try Osmia Organics!

Baby it's cold outside... Yup, I have Christmas songs stuck in my head! And at this time of year, all I can think of are warm snuggly blankets and a comforting bath. (Even more so than usual - you can find me with a bath and snuggly blankets in July too, haha!)

Alongside my bath I usually have a cup of tea, and some days I think I'd like to bathe in said cup of tea. So of course I was thrilled to receive a sample of Osmia's Organic Tea Bath. Just what I was looking for! 

Osmia Organics Organic Tea Bath  (unaffiliated link) 

Osmia Organics Organic Tea Bath (unaffiliated link) 

Now onto the bath! From Osmia's site, here are the details - 

  • For: All skin types, especially itchy, dry skin, including eczema and psoriasis.
  • How: Drop 1 bag (leave it tightly tied) into running bathwater and squeeze gently while you soak to release extracts. Each bag may be used two times. Allow to dry between uses.
osmia organics tea bath review

I have to say that the bath definitely was comforting and I definitely felt like I was in a cup of tea. Hehe :). (Though with the addition of epsom salts and oats, it is a little more than tea!) Also, be sure to let the bag dry between uses - if you're careful, I think you may be able to get at least 3 uses out of a bag. If you're not careful and you let your bag stay moist in a ziplock bag, then it may get moldy!

I'm not sure how many bags come in the full size container that Osmia sells on their site - it looks like two based on the photo - and that definitely makes it quite an indulgent bathtime treat. (EDIT: Osmia confirms that it comes with SIX bags. Woohoo!) I'm not sure that I will purchase this one - at least not yet! I want to see if there are other tea baths out there, and Mr. Bunny seems sure that we can throw a handful of regular tea bags into a bath for the same effect. (LOL! I don't know if this is true but I sure am going to try!!) 

What do you think about Osmia Tea Bath? Is this something that you would try? I'd love to know!

Sample generously provided for review.