New Beauty Resolutions

I'm all for making resolutions (New Year's anyone?) but it is much, much harder to keep them. I figured that while everyone is off celebrating Halloween, it is the perfect time for me to commit to a few new challenges and recommit to a few old ones. :)  

Screen Shot 2013-10-31 at 6.02.52 PM.png

1. Wear makeup every day.
Now you may be shocked to hear that I haven't worn makeup in at least two weeks. Maybe more. Oops. I'm a habitual snooze-r, so mornings are always hard. The brilliant Gummy suggested I pick a few products that I must wear, to make it easier on myself in the mornings. So I've selected my 3 product categories - base, lip & eye - and I'm committed to applying at least 1 product from each category every day. 

2. Stop buying mascara! 
I've been reminded of the numerous mascara samples in my sample drawer, so I think it is about time I use them up. Plus, I never finish a full size mascara anyway, so no need to waste money. No more buying mascaras for me until I run out! 

3. Stop buying skincare! 
Not only do I have numerous open skincare products but I have quite a BIG stash of skincare samples too. So no more buying skincare until I run out of something necessary. Seriously.  

4. Focus on low buy.
Yes, for a while there, I sort of ignored my low/no buy. I was feeling OK about my stash and content with my spending habits, and SO over it. Even so, I should really focus on using things up and acquiring less, so I'm recommitting. Gift cards/points only, and very little else until the end of the year. Maybe in 2014 I'll recommit to a very small monthly beauty budget. HMMM. 

What are your thoughts on my beauty resolutions? Any tips or tricks? How about you, what challenges are working on??  I'd love to know! :)