Diptyque Pine Bark Dupes?

A few weeks ago, I purchased a mini candle from Diptyque's holiday collection and proceeded to fall in love with it. The candle in question was the limited edition Pine Bark (otherwise known as Ecorce de Pin) and I knew almost immediately that I had found a new favorite. 

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This candle just smells absolutely beautiful - a fresh Christmas tree that is just perfect for the season. Diptyque always manages to do complex scents, and I quite like to describe this one as "Christmas tree in my pretty smelling fancy house." Haha!

Now I know not everyone can splurge on a Diptyque candle - I can barely bring myself to buy them without a good promo - so I went on the hunt for wallet friendly alternatives. Plus, we all need something for when the limited edition Diptyque Pine Bark is no longer available... So here goes!

First up are two very affordable options from Bath & Body Works. Available in a variety of sizes (mini, medium, mason jar, and 3-wick) there is always a sale going for their candles that make these extra affordable. I got both of these for $10 during a sale last week! 

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Fresh Balsam smells like a fresh tree, and smells most like Diptyque Pine Bark in the jar. While the Diptyque disperses scent quite well almost immediately, this one does take a bit of time for the scent to emerge. It is not as complex, but I quite like the Christmas tree aroma. Evergreen, on the other hand, smells like a pine tree with a bit of fire and sweetness. I find this scent to be a bit artificial, but less so than other Bath & Body Works scents. Like Fresh Balsam, it takes quite some time for the scent to disperse around the room. 

My picks are a pair of candles I picked up at Anthropologie, Capri Blue Fir & Firewood and Good Nature Balsam Cedar. While pretty different from Diptyque Pine Bark, they are pretty stellar picks in my book. They offer a sophisticated and complex aroma at a much more reasonable price, and Aspen Bay's Capri Blue candles are probably my favorites in terms of burn time, quality, and overall value for money. (Their Volcano candle has been a favorite for years!)

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Capri Blue Fir & Firewood and Good Nature Balsam Cedar both have a mix of pine, wood, and fiery aromas. It is hard to describe their scents, but I love them both. Even if they don't smell like Diptyque Pine Bark, they definitely give off a similar feel. All in all, I don't think any of these measure up to Diptyque, but they are reasonable replacements to give you the same general feel. 

Have you tried Diptyque Pine Bark or any of these possible dupes? Would you splurge on Diptyque or choose one of these more affordable options? I'd love to know! 

P.S. I am contemplating doing a similar post on dupes for DIptyque Feu de Bois. Let me know if I should!