Is Chantecaille Sel a Dupe for Burberry Pale Barley?

Last month, I purchased Chantecaille Sel eyeshadow from Gummy's blog sale, and I was really excited to try it. Every once in a while, you'll read a blog post about how great Chantecaille eyeshadow is, and I really wanted to find out for myself! 

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Sel is a really great everyday sort of shade, and when I first tried it, I immediately thought of Burberry's much loved Pale Barley eyeshadow. In my opinion, Chantecaille's formula can't compare to Burberry's, but the shades are similar enough on my eyes. Sel has more of a gray/silvery undertone on me, while Pale Barley has more of a gold tone. 

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Now onto the formula... Sel is soft and shimmery, but doesn't last long without primer. The first time I wore it, I didn't look in the mirror until after lunch (so about 5 hours after application) and pretty much all that was left was shimmer. Yikes. With my trusty Nars Pro-Prime Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base, the nice color is more visible and actually stays on all day. This also doesn't apply well with fingers - the result is not very pigmented or even. Not a dealbreaker, but I think that is something to note given my laziness. :) A lot of eyeshadow gets applied with fingers over here, and this one is just not one that will work that way.

My preference is the Burberry formula, which is much softer and doesn't necessarily require a brush. Without primer, Burberry eyeshadows have always lasted all day on me, and they usually don't even crease in my monolid area. I think if you have Pale Barley, you probably don't need Sel and vice versa. If you're stuck between the two though, I definitely recommend Burberry!

What do you guys think about Chantecaille Sel? Do you think it is a dupe for Burberry Pale Barley? Are you adding either one to your list? I'd love to know! :)