Blush Fiends Fall: Stila Convertible Color in Poppy

This year, I've kind of been missing fall. Having spent the majority of my time in California since May, there hasn't really been any variation in weather. Do I even know what fall is anymore?? (Dramatic, I know.)

When I think of this time of year, I think of the trees and crisp air. I always loved watching the leaves change color, into those bright oranges and deep reds, so today's blush pick is inspired by those colorful leaves I'm missing. I would have picked an orange blush to go with the leaves, but that seems so summery. Plus when I think of fall blush, I think of deep reds - something that I'm missing from my blush collection, though I suspect I had some perfect ones in my Nars stash a few years back... Anyway, I'm all for cream blush when the weather turns dry, and Stila Convertible Color in Poppy seems to be just right this time of year.  

stila convertible color in poppy review, stila convertible color in poppy swatches

I love applying the color heavily on lips - as this formula doesn't feel drying or anything - as shown in the swatch above. Shown blended out to the right, it becomes a bit of an orange-y red on my skin. Kind of perfect I think! It is easy to apply quickly with fingers, and lasts all day on me too. Plus, I could sure use a bit of color this time of year. :) 

What are your fall blush picks? I'd love to know! :)  Check out the other ladies' posts for Blush Fiends Fall!
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