Armani Luminous Silk Foundation Review & Demo

by Joyce in

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation is definitely a popular one amongst bloggers, and strangely enough, as a result of the hype, it took me a long time to actually try it! I always knew I liked the texture based on checking it out at the counter, but I never felt like I had to have it. After trying a sample this past Spring, I ended up buying this for myself as a birthday gift over the summer. 

Yes, my birthday is at the beginning of June, and I'm only reviewing this now... That's just how things go sometimes over here! I ended up using this foundation quite a bit (for me) in November, AND included it in my November Favorites, so I thought it was about time to share my thoughts on it. 

Watch the video below to hear my thoughts on it and see it in action! :) Have you tried this foundation? I'd love to know!