Love It or Toss It, #2

by Joyce in

A few weeks ago, Gummy and I started a little series where we selected a few products to use that we weren't so sure about. We decided to use them over the course of a weekend, and make that final decision. Check out the last post here.

 Laura Mercier Radiance Primer review, Lancome Chocolate Affair review, Lancome Khol in Love review, Laura Mercier Satin Lip review, Laura Mercier Duchess Rose review

Lancome Khol in Love Eyeliner in Chocolate Affair (LE)
I purchased this a while back and didn't really use it much. I suspected that it bothered my eyes, and I'm sad to say that it is not as budgeproof as I hoped. After a few hours, it smudges a bit in my monolid area, and it definitely makes my eyes feel itchy and tired. I think I can still return this, but if not, then it is definitely going in the blog sale!

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - Radiance 
I love the idea of a radiance primer, but I just haven't found one liked yet. This one, while not shimmery, just made my skin texture look BAD. (Like, worse than it does without any makeup on.) I thought I liked it, but I think I was having better skin days then. I might give the L'Oreal Lumi Primer another try, since it was subtle and worked fine on my skin. Oh well, there's always something else to try!

Laura Mercier Satin Lip Color in Duchess Rose
This shade doesn't seem to exist anymore, which is sad because it is such a nice bright yet work appropriate pink. I like the long wearing semi-matte finish - it lasted hours, through dinner and Pinkberry, and drinking soda. Really, it was mostly still there after I violently wiped my mouth after dinner haha! I'm keeping this one, and while it may not be a "special" or terribly unique color, I plan to use up this cute mini! 

 L-R: Laura Mercier Duchess Rose, Lancome Khol in Love in Chocolate Affair, Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

L-R: Laura Mercier Duchess Rose, Lancome Khol in Love in Chocolate Affair, Laura Mercier Radiance Primer

It definitely feels good to go through the collection and make decisions on it, don't you think? Have you tried any of these products? Did you love them or toss them?? I'd love to know!  

P.S. This time around, two lovely ladies also decided to join me. Check out their posts here: Wondeondigo & Lipstick Boulevards. I plan to do this again in 2 weeks, so if anyone wants to join in, whether you have a blog or not, do let me know! :) 

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