Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb

A few weeks ago, I was near a Lush store and really thought I could use a bath bomb. I wanted to pick one I never tried, so I decided on this fizzy citrus concoction, Lush Dragon's Egg. 

lush dragon's egg bath bomb review

On the outside, it is white with a few pastels sprinkled in. Once you get to the inside however, the fizz emerges along with a fine glitter. Pretty, though I suppose it would make more sense if I did something after a bath besides go to sleep, haha! 

I'm also a fan of the lemon and bergamot scent, which really makes the bath refreshing. The scent has a bit of candy sweetness, which reminds me a bit of my favorite bath bomb, the lightly moisturizing Avobath, which always makes me think of Pez candy... All in all, I'm a fan! Now to try all the other bath bombs...

What do you think of Lush Dragon's Egg? Have you tried this or any other bath bomb? I'd love to know!