Mom's Beauty Delivery

My fiance's mom is an avid reader of my blog, despite the fact that she didn't have much interest in makeup or beauty products in general. After months of reading my blog however, she started becoming curious about trying products, and I started giving her bags of samples, mostly focused skincare and body.  

Every once in a while, I hear about samples that were a success, so this past week when Sephora did their extra points promotion, I put together a little order for her. Take a peek at what I got for her, and read on to see what she thought!

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 1.27.40 PM.png

Today I have on one of the Fresh Sugar kiss lip things ( great stuff, doesn't feel greasy, goes on smooth, etc.). I used the cinnamon bun shampoo/body wash in the shower, I have the Korres Body Butter on my legs and arms (also great stuff), and to really put it over the top I am wearing the Clean Rain perfume sample!  It was funny because I had just walked into work and one of the girls says to me with this very puzzled look on her face "are you wearing perfume?"  Then apologizes for looking so puzzled.  I said that she was right to be puzzled because I never wear perfume.  So far I am liking the scent, it isn't annoying me and she loved it.  For makeup I have on the BB stuff as well as the Clinique mascara.  Feeling pretty fancy I must say.  

I was pretty happy that the surprise package was a success, and I am having so much fun sharing my beauty obsession with her. Check back next week for a peek inside her makeup starter kit!