Celebrate Honey Bees with Lush Mr. Bumble!

Happy Honey Bee Day! If you aren't busy today, stop by your local Lush store (in North America!) to celebrate with HoneyLove, an organization promoting urban beekeeping and dedicated to the conservation of bees.  

In the spirit of celebrating our friend the honey bee, I wanted to show you this adorable little gift package from Lush called Mr. Bumble! 

lush mr bumble review

Filled with two stand-out honey products, Honey I Washed the Kids Soap and the Honey Bee Bath Bomb, Mr.  Bumble is an affordable way to get your hands on some Lush goodies. Plus, he's pretty cute, right? :) 

lush honey bee bath bomb review, lush honey i washed the kids soap review

Now onto the two products inside! I'm a big fan of bath bombs, so I was kind of surprised that I had never tried this one. The Honey Bee Bath Bomb is a moisturizing concoction of aloe vera, Moroccan Rhassoul mud, and of course, honey. This bomb leaves my skin and the water feeling silky, and I much prefer that to the feel of a bath oil. Scent wise, honey, toffee, and sweet orange oil make this bath bomb quite a treat too! The only thing that I would note is that the mud does leave residue in your tub, so be sure to rinse it out once you drain your bath. 

When it comes to Lush soaps, I'm never quite sure what to do with them. Leave them on display next to a bathroom sink? Use them in the shower in place of body wash? I don't know, so I'd love to hear your favorite use for Lush soaps. Anyway, Honey I Washed the Kids makes me think of eating caramels. YUM. Rub it in your hands to create some bubbles (I almost wrote bumbles!) and wash away!  

Have you tried any of these products or Lush Mr. Bumble? Will you be picking one up and soaking in the honey? :)