His & Hers: Diptyque 34 L'Eau Du Trente-Quatre

In the last few months, Diptyque released a new variation of their classic 34 scent. This lighter variation, L'Eau Du Trente-Quatre, is a nice fresh blend. I wasn't in love with the scent on myself, and as we were shopping for scents for my fiance, this one caught his eye. Read on for his review!  

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It has been a while since I used a new fragrance on a regular basis, about two years actually. I typically select a cologne and stay with it until it runs out, the most recent resident cologne for me was John Varvatos Artisan. Artisan proved to be consistently pleasant for daily wear, but was nothing special, and was an all around very timid and conservative scent. 

My philosophy of fragrance selection is rather simple, I will select a fragrance that is subtle  and without any blaring tones of spice or scents that are reminiscent of a men's locker room after one has fought the war on body odor with a can of Axe body spray. If the fragrance is subtle and provides a comfortable scent I am typically open to all sorts of scent profiles and varieties. 

After an admirable olfactory odyssey to many department store fragrance counters and boutique fragrance shops I concluded that one of the most appealing fragrances I encountered was Diptyque 34, which is what I've been wearing for about a month now. 

To be as succinct as possible of my description of 34 I would say the scent is clean with mellow tones of wood, and I find the scent to be relaxing and luxurious. I noticed that Diptyque markets this fragrance to be used by both men and women, and I would agree this to be accurate, nothing about the scent pushes it towards masculinity or femininity in the order of scents. Its an all around enjoyable scent that both men and women should consider.

Have you tried Diptyque L'Eau Du Trente-Quatre? Do you have a favorite unisex scent? :) We'd love to know!